Waterfowl Hunting


Whether you’re just getting into duck and goose hunting or you’re planning on doing some hunting in a new area, you can learn a lot and have a much better hunting trip if you have some assistance from a guide or duck hunting outfitter. Once you’ve gone on a few guided duck hunts in a given area, you can say goodbye to your outfitter and get any incidental help you need. Hunters can take advantage of the surrounding marches of our venue to  schedule a waterfowl hunt during the hunting season.  We have 4 waterfront blinds and a 16ft field pit to address any wind condition for the most successful hunts.    We have a walk in blind with electric and heat for older guests who do not want to deal with getting in a boat, and have the option to walk to our hunting lodge anything during your hunt .  We have success with a verity of ducks  from Mallards, blue wing and green wing teal, pintail,  gadwall and wigeon.  During the Delaware goose season we also have great success on Canada geese too.  Call today to book your hunt.  302-893-3510